Me and TGG

The catalyst

A request from management:
"Describe to me why you started working at TGG. What is your vision for this place? What are your dreams? What are your passions? How do you see us in 20 years? What makes this place so special to you?"

My response

I fully embrace the joy of learning and of exploration.
I enjoy doing things simply for the doings sake. The only reason I need is that it can be done.
I grew up in a family of engineers and the idle curiosity that every child is born with was fostered and encouraged at nearly every turn. Though, Mom was none too happy when I disassembled the front door lock at age 2; or unscrewed all the childproofing latches from the cabinets at 3.
Dad still is kinda mad at me for tearing apart his lawn mower at 4...
I could go on, but this serves to set an example of what I was like growing up. It was well known that a sure-fire winner present for me at Christmas, or birthdays, was anything I could tear apart. Radios, clocks, answering machines, appliances, lawn mowers, sewing machines, toys, telephones, and tube based function generators; if it had screws, I would enjoy spending hours disassembling it.
I would always enjoy field trips to museums and such because I could look at new equipment and puzzle out how it worked.
This insatiable curiosity has served me well growing up. I've since transitioned from merely tearing stuff apart--and tinkering with the remnants--to actually making use of the remnants, and repairing other broken things.
I grew up knowing that one day I'd be an engineer like my father, uncle, aunts, grandfather before me. The only question in my mind was if I'd become an EE, or an ME.

Fast forward with me to the mid 2000's. I'm at Green River College, and I'm finally faced with my choices: more chemistry and an EE, or more computer classes and a CSE.
I hated chemistry. It was a no brainer.
I graduate from UW in the middle of the housing recession. There's no jobs for anyone, let alone a new graduate. A friend and I try, and fail to get a computer repair business off the ground, I end up taking a minimum wage job at a local school district as a IT tech.

The story
As I'm moping around the internet I stumble across this weirdo "Chris Boden" from the "Geek Group" playing with a tesla coil, and shrinking quarters with electric explosions. Needless to say, I'm entranced. I start exploring more, and watch more of their videos.
In one of them, Chris makes the mistake of inviting the viewers to watch his personal blog of behind the scenes activities.
I watched Every. Single. Episode. Granted, I did skim some of them (You know which ones, Chris!)
This place, and its mission resonated with me. This is a place that fosters innovation, discovery, and self education. This is a place that offers hopes that dream may be a reality. This is a place that dismisses excuses.
I just know that someday, I will get a job here, and retire here.
My dream for TGG is that it is so successful at what it is, that it becomes a household name across the globe. I want TGG to become synonymous with a practical level of higher education.


  • Describe to me why you started working at TGG.
    • I watched the videos, and the passion and mission stuck a nerve with me
  • What is your vision for this place?
    • To be known by everyone as a place where dreams become reality
  • What are your dreams?
    • To someday make a career out of supporting TGG
  • What are your passions?
    • Tinkering, and knowing stuff.
  • How do you see us in 20 years?
    • Probably with my eyes, assuming I haven't burned them out in the eclipses :P
  • What makes this place so special to you?
    • The camaraderie, the eagerness to be helpful, the dreams!