The upcoming bloody civil war

Here's something for you to think about in this ongoing war against the second amendment.
First some numbers. Depending on who you ask, there is an ownership rate of anywhere from 30 to 90% own firearms. This means that there are anywhere from 100 to 300 MILLION gun owners in the USA. Now this number is low, because I know for a fact that there are many people who would neither confirm nor deny that they own a firearm yet still do (still others, wise enough to know the folly of answering this question in the negative who would also refuse to answer).
It is also estimated that there are 300M firearms in the hands of private citizens. (Also a low number, because of the above issue of low reporting of ownership, and also, of those that do report they own a gun, many will not divulge the number of owned firearms)

In any given year there are approximately 30000 deaths attributable to a firearm; 20k are homicides, the rest are suicides and accidents.

Now, lets say that tomorrow, Obama decides that firearm ownership is illegal; but by his good grace, he is allowing everyone 30 days to turn in all their firearms with no negative repercussions. At the end of 30 days, all the fools will have turned in all their firearms, and the cagey people will have turned in only the firearms that they believe the government may know about; and the rebels and crooks will likely have actually increased their armories.
Lets start playing with numbers.
Say 80% will have turned over all their guns, and of the remaining 20%, an additional 80% will have turned in some of their weapons.
Now remember that any arms == a fully armed individual.
This still leaves us with 20% or at least 20MILLION armed individuals.
These individuals however are likely to have stockpiles of arms and ammo.
A year elapses. Armed crime initially drops, but then starts skyrocketing again. THe crooks still have guns. Homicides are up over 100% to 50k/y
Now, by another executive overreach, Hillary orders a nationwide door to door search for all guns.
We'll say that 90% of the remaining people give up without a fight, for various reasons.
This still leaves 2 Million WELL ARMED zealots who will not give up their weapons without a fight to the death.
By now, they've planned well for this eventuality and so have home turf advantage against any military or police invasion.
This advantage will likely guarantee each zealot a casualty of the raiding party. At least one.
The sweep squads will HAVE to kill them, and they will be killed. But not before a good number of the raiding parties have been killed as well.
There will be a war; and it will be the bloodiest war this nation will have EVER seen.

So, ask yourself. Are guns so terribly bad that you are willing to sentence 2 million people to death for the simple "crime" of wanting to protect themselves?
Are guns so incredibly terrible that you are going to order the deaths of at least an additional 2 million soldiers to take out these otherwise peaceful people whose only crime is simply demanding their inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Do the math.
at 30k/year, it would take over one hundred years to build up a death toll equal to that which would be caused by trying to remove guns from every private citizen.
And that's just with conservative numbers.
Take a slightly more pessimistic view of the stats, and that could easily jump up to longer than this country has been around.